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Welcome to Santurce, a Mural Book, a visual narrative designed to be read on the walls of the city.


Combining history, literature, and graphic arts, the mural book is an urban intervention project that invites the residents of Santurce and its visitors to walk through and appreciate the legendary borough. The book, which unfolds over 22 murals and recreates in words and pictures the historical imagery of Santurce, allows pedestrians to construct their own narrative in any order they choose. In this interactive way, reading the mural book and touring the neighborhood results in a doubly enriching experience.


Besides the urban intervention, the Project Santurce, a  Mural Book includes:

  • A photographic book that documents the installation of the artworks on the streets

  • An exhibition of the original drawings and photographs used in the murals, which is to take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico

  • This webpage, which will serve as a virtual archive for the Project as well as the means for its visitors to interactively reconstruct an online edition of Santurce, a Mural Book


This Project is the result of the conceptualization and synergic creation of the writer Francisco Font Acevedo and the painter Rafael Trelles, with the support of Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades, Fundación Francisco Carvajal, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico.

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